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How to smoothly do the tech around list-building... Even if you are A 'Non-Techy' Coach or Course Creator

Join us to finally build your Lead Magnet Funnel in this done-with-you, small group and learn about:

  • List-building funnel steps

  • Segmenting your subscribers

  • Tracking your leads 

  • The tech behind the funnel

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My Story

Over 7 years ago, I made the leap from my full-time role as a Court Clerk and joined the world of online business. Since then, I’ve been working behind the scenes with successful 6 & 7 Figure Online Coaches & Course creators. In my various roles, I have supported clients and their teams as a Tech Manager, Launch Manager, Project Manager, Director of Operations, and as a Tech Advisor in my client's coaching program.

Through this time, I discovered my true Superpowers : Funnel Strategy & Online Tech Automation Set Up.

I’ve worked with my clients by strategizing & creating funnel plans, setting up & integrating their tech automation and managing their teams during 5 and 6 figure launches. I’ve also conducted tech audits and through my recommendation of tech tools, my clients have not only streamlined their processes, they also have saved on their expenses.

Through my on-going training and hands-on experience, I use my tech tool and automation expertise to build out the tech required for launches and other steps along the customer journey.

I’m certified via the following programs:

FG Society Master Marketer (Julie Chenell & Cathy Olson)

Launch Manager (Tasha Booth)

Director of Operations (Natalie Gingrich)

I’m a lifelong learner and strive to stay on top of the latest knowledge and skills in digital marketing and tech automation for the online business world.