Recommended Resources

The resources below include the Tech Software, Training Programs, Memberships & Templates that I often recommend to my clients & other entrepreneurs.

Note: These are affiliate links and if you click on any of these links and make a purchase, I may receive compensation for your purchase
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Tech Software

Marketing Software

"... an all-in-one marketing software to grow your digital empire.."

You can:

  • Build automated funnels and websites

  • Create your student course portals

  • Send emails, texts and DMs

  • Set up your booking calendars

  • Schedule your social media

  • Manage your leads and clients (CRM)

  • and more...

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"ConvertKit is the go-to marketing hub for creators that helps you grow and monetize your audience with ease."

You can:

  • Build templated landing pages and sign up forms

  • Automate your email marketing

  • Send emails to your subscribers

  • and more...

Business Growth Tool

"AI-powered business growth tool that helps small business owners like you grow your brand, not your to-do list."

You can craft copy in your brand's tone of voice for:

  • Sales pages

  • Product descriptions

  • Facebook Ads

  • Emails

  • and more...

Video Creation Tool

"All-in-one video platform that allows anyone to create professional videos, even with zero video creation experience."

You can:

  • Create videos with AI scripts

  • Use the teleprompter feature as you record

  • Edit your videos with your branding (includes automatic captions)

  • Use it on both your computer or your phone

  • and more...

Project Management Software

"All of your work in one place: Tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, & more."

You can:

  • Manage all of the workload

  • Track tasks

  • Collaborate with your team

  • and more...

"Streamline your work for maximum productivity"

You can:

  • Manage all of the workload

  • Collaborate with your team

  • Track tasks

  • and more...

Training Programs & Memberships

Virtual Assistant Training

Gina Horkey, Founder

"Get the confidence and step-by-step clarity you need to turn your existing skills and experience into a profitable virtual assisting business…"

HighLevel Certification

HighLevel Software


"Ready to take your skills to the next level? HighLevel Certifications is your exclusive gateway to advanced knowledge and recognition. If you're already a pro behind the scenes, our program is your shortcut to becoming an undisputed expert. It's time to showcase your mastery and unlock unparalleled benefits."

Director of Operations Certification

Natalie Gingrich, Founder


"The next step for female project managers, human resource professionals, and operations managers who want to build a career (regardless of your past business or corporate experience) that leverages their gifts and brings them ease."

Launch Manager Certification

Tasha Booth, Founder

"A 3-month certification program for aspiring launch managers who are ready to level-up their skill set, increase their marketability, and expertly lead 6 and 7-figure launches with ease."

Agency Owner Training

Tasha Booth, Founder

"A 1:1 and Small Group Program for established Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, and Project Managers to grow and scale a thriving Virtual Support Agency"

Online Business Training

Carrie Green, Founder

"Discover how the Female Entrepreneur Association has helped women like you build wildly successful businesses."

Online Marketing Certification

Julie Chenell & Cathy Olson, Founders

"FG Society is an online certification program that teaches digital marketing through the design and development of a sales funnel.  The program is broken up into three phases, based on the foundational pieces of Internet Marketing: Offer Creation + Strategy, Compelling Copy & Funnel Building + Design"

AI Marketing Program

Brittany Long, Founder

"AI to $100k is the year-long marketing program that pairs AI with automations and Evergreen strategies to cut your costs and increase revenue, while creating more stability and security."

Data Measurement Training

Jennifer Grayeb, Founder

"The digital course that will teach you the fundamentals of measuring and understanding your marketing and sales data—without any complicated tech jargon"

Facebook Audience Building Training

Rachel Miller, Founder

"It’s an amazing course that will help you grow your audience without paying Facebook a dime."

ActiveCampaign Training

Kay Pearcey, Founder

"... access to ActiveCampaign technical support and strategic know-how account with ninja-consultant Kay Peacey - wrap-around care for you and your ActiveCampaign account."

Google Workspace Training

Dara Sklar, Founder

"This is a comprehensive, step-by-step, fresh way of looking at the tools that you have been underutilizing for years."

Email Marketing Copy Resources

Liz Wilcox, Founder

"...get access to dozens of already-written for you emails to help you launch a product, conduct a flash sale, get people to reply, click, and finally fill out a dang survey for ya!"

Other Resources

WordPress Templates

Andrew & Kathie, Owners

"Beautiful and professional WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs."


Meg Burrage, Founder

"Grow Your Audience & Your Authority with Collaboration.

Collaboration Station, Your Central Collab Database of list exploding opportunities"

Legal Contracts

Christina Scalera, Founder

"The Contract Shop® creates legal templates and courses for Creative Entrepreneurs, Online Course Creators, Consultants, Coaches, and More."


"Modern, on-brand proposals that streamline your sales process. Sent, tracked, and signed in minutes."


ALoN David, Founder

"The 90x® Planner System is a complete organizational system designed to work in 90 keep you focused & accountable every step of the way."

Personal Development App

Brendon Burchard, Founder

"Achieve Your Full Potential with GrowthDay, the World's #1 Self-Improvement System!"